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Pastor Kay Ijisesan

Today’s Devotional

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Washed Away

(Hebrews 10:17 NKJV) “Then He adds, “Their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.”

Jesus stooped so low to identify with humanity in his fallen state, He received the sinful nature. He literally became sin. That is the only way man was ever going to have a chance at redemption. The blood of Jesus was the bargain for redemption. It is uncontaminated and most potent.

Unlike the blood of bulls and goats that were offered by the priests under the old covenant, the blood of Jesus does not merely cover up the sins of man, but rather, it completely obliterates it. It washes sins away so well that there is no record or remembrance of any wrong once you identify with Jesus.

How efficacy this is! Child of God, it is high time you began to put sin and everything that has to do with it in proper perspective. Sin has lost its power; the blood has dealt with it! The blood even still cleanses you from any act of unrighteousness that you may stumble into after being born again provided you confess such sins. Where then is the place for sin consciousness?

Make up your mind that you will never accommodate sin consciousness again. Stop the devil from weakening your faith. If God cannot remember your past sins, why should you?


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