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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
January 25th, 2009
Categorized under: Yes You Can

Yes, you can Part 2 – The Power of Vision

Summary from Myles Munroe

Vision is the direct result of purpose
Vision provides the impetus to act on direction set by purpose
Vision is the ability to see the end from the beginning
Vision is the unusual discernment or insight that presents a picture of the unseen and convinces you that it will come to pass
Vision sees beyond the present to capture what could or should be happening
Vision shows you the unseen and imprints it on your heart and mind

Vision Defined

Vision is a derivative of your purpose
Vision is the blueprint/picture of the end
Vision is the ability to anticipate the future from the present standpoint
Vision empowers you to see the unseen in your future and makes it real in your mind and spirit
Vision gives you something to live for. It makes life exciting
Vision is an output of different kinds of sight. ‘Vision is a foresight based on an insight with the benefit of an hindsight’ George Barna
Vision is more of a mental and spiritual sight than a physical one
You must understand your purpose until you get to a place of a clear vision
God Kind of faith was primarily given to you walk in your God given vision.
Patience is a must if your vision must become a physical reality.
Scriptures on Vision: Prov 29:18, Hab 2:2, Eph 1:17,18; Gen 12:1-3, Gen 37:5-9; Acts 26:19, 2 Tim 1:11, Gal 2:8, John 10:10, Psalm 115:16

God, the father had a vision of a family on earth that extends His nature by exercising total dominion
Jesus had a vision of a redeemed man that has uninterrupted fellowship with God through His life
Abraham had a vision of a great nation
Joseph had a vision of ruler ship and dominion in a strange land that will preserve His own people
Nehemiah had a vision of rebuilt wall of Jerusalem
Paul had a vision to reach a Gentile world that was once disconnected from God
Purpose creates Vision
Vision produces Goals
Goals permit development of a plan
A plan allows for an orderly journey


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