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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
January 19th, 2009
Categorized under: Yes You Can

Yes, you can Part 1 – Understanding your purpose

Yes you can be

It is only natural to desire greatness, fulfillment, excellence, prosperity, respect, recognition & celebration. In fact, it is both natural and godly to desire all of these things mentioned above. However, there is something that ties them all together … it is called purpose.
Purpose can be summarized by the following definitions
1. The original intent for the creation of a thing
2. The motivation of the manufacturer of a thing
3. The aspiration for the inspiration of a thing
4. The end that justifies the means of a thing
5. The objective of the subject of a thing
6. The expectation of the source of a thing
7. The driving force behind the production of a thing
Wisdom keys on your God Given Purpose
a) Man’s primary responsibility in life is to discover his purpose. True living starts when you realize why you exist
b) God commits to and provides for His purposes and not our plans
c) Career success is not equal to personal fulfillment. Purpose is the only true measure of success.
d) Diligence without a clear understanding of purpose is a waste. There is a difference between being busy and being effective
e) Life without purpose is a dangerous experiment that is bound to fail
f) Anything that exist without the knowledge of its purpose is a danger to itself. Abuse is simply
inevitable for such.
g) We must go back to the source of a thing in order to discover why it exists.


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