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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
May 19th, 2009
Categorized under: The Spirit of Favor

The Spirit of Favor – Esther’s Story

Objective: To communicate the concept of divine favor from the true life story of a covenant woman who lived in an unfavorable environment.

Favor is a distinguishing influence that comes upon a man causing him to stand out in his environment.
To be favored means:

1. To be accepted
2. To have the spotlight on you
3. To be singled out for good
4. To be admired
5. To be sought after
6. To be recommended
7. To be respected

• The God of favor is always behind the scene.
• He specializes in working things out together for your good.
• Favor will literally turn things in your direction.
• God will work out His purpose of divine favor irrespective of any situation.

• Favor will place you in prominence.
• It connects you to people in high places.
• It qualifies you for positions that you don’t merit.
• It causes kings and noble men to offer uncommon aid and assistance.

• Favor will make you attractive.
• It will make men to prefer you.
• It will avert evil and bring divine justice.
• It will unlock impossible doors.

• Strong and Effective mentoring will produce manifestations of divine favor.
• Your attitude towards your covering determines your ultimate altitude in life.
• You can never outgrow the need for mentoring – you will always need a mentor.
• You need a strong mentor to keep your focus on the source of favor.

• Your covenant with God positions you for favor with men.
• God will fulfill His promise of favor because He is committed by covenant.
• Never count out covenant men, no matter the situation because favor will always speak.

• Divine favor is a product of divine relationship.
• Your understanding of divine favor will keep you hopeful in times of adversity.
• Fasting and consecration will enhance the manifestation of favor in your life.
• You must step out in faith before you can experience uncommon favor.

• The existence of opposition does not imply the absence of divine favor.
• Courage will strengthen your heart to overcome any opposition from the adversary.
• The path of divine favor is not always smooth but it ends up in victory.
• It is not over until you win. Your consistent victory in life is guaranteed by divine favor.

• Favor produces petitions granted even by ungodly authorities.
• Favor causes policies, rules, regulations and laws that will support your cause to be put in effect.
• Favor will reverse policies that will stand in the way of your progress.
• Favor will cause the ungodly to be afraid of you.
• Fear will generate results that will draw men unto you.


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