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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
June 23rd, 2009
Categorized under: Father's Day 09

The Real Man

Objective: To reveal the original purpose of God for the male-man.

We cannot afford to define man based on the traditional male roles that is demanded by the society. Men all over the world are in a crisis of identity and purpose.
Men’s underlying purpose transcends culture and tradition.
A real man cannot be the image of the confused culture around us.
When a man’s true identity is missing, a whole lot is affected, his calling, his fulfillment, & his family. As the man goes, so goes the family, society, nation and the world.

The world views of a Real Man
View 1:
He supports his family financially while his wife cares for the children and the home. This is considered the traditional male role.
View 2:
He shares household and child rearing responsibilities with his wife while they both pursue their career. This kind of man treats his wife as his equal.
View 3:
He is freed from the male stereotypes and has decided to take on the nurturer role of caring for the children and home while his wife goes to work.
• A confused and ever changing culture cannot effectively define man.

3 Elements of Man’s purpose: His Priority, His Position & His Assignment
1. Male’s Priority:
The male is the foundation of the human family
- He was created first because God expects him to lead
- Any society that is full of men with cracks in the substructure of their lives is bound to be chaotic.
- Male man being the foundation of human family does not make the woman or female man less important. Even though the foundation is very important, other parts of the building are equally important. The foundation is crucial, but the rest of the family is essential, also.
- A real man seeks to create a history that is consistent with God’s purpose rather than repeating ungodly patterns. Don’t allow a negative history to predict your future.

2. Man’s Position
The male man was originally positioned to stay connected to His source.
- God strategically positioned man in the Garden of Eden – ‘Enclosure of Delight and Pleasure’. A place of communion, fellowship and oneness with God.
- Man needs to maintain his original environment in order to be effective. The male is not wired to function outside the presence of God.
- God didn’t intend for Adam to move from the garden. He intended for the garden to move over the earth
- God expects the male man to enforce His word on earth
- The male man needs to protect his environment from influences that compromise God’s original design

3. Man’s Assignment
God created man to fulfill some specific purposes in 3 different categories:
Category A : Visionary & leader
Category B: Teacher & cultivator
Category C: Provider & protector.
The male man must discover, understand and fulfill these basic aspects of his purpose to avoid frustration.

a) Visionary: This is a foundational responsibility because without it the male man cannot fulfill the other assignments.
A true visionary is one who has conceived and is moving toward his God given purpose. Before God gave man a helper, He gave him a vision.
A man without vision will negatively affect those who are to follow him, especially his family. Prov 29:18
b) Leader: The understanding of your Vision positions you for true leadership.
A leader is a person of influence that motivates others toward a definite direction.
A man is created and designed to lead.
A real man does not run from leadership responsibilities.
A true leader is (1) strong and courageous (2) Under God’s commands (3) a logical thinker &
planner (4) teachable (5) selfless & sacrificial.
A real leader is not just a wealthy individual but someone who leads his family in the right
direction. We must correct images of leadership from the wrong sources such as movie
stars, famous sports figures, artistes and politicians. Gen 3:17

a) Teacher: A real man teaches his family God’s word and ways
Men need to set a strong spiritual example for their families.
A real man must be able to correct without destroying
The best way to teach is by setting personal example. Gen 18:19

b) Cultivator: To cultivate means to multiply, make fruitful and make better.
A man is to cultivate his wife so she can be all God created her to be.
A father should help his children to discover their gifts and not control them.
A man ought to wash his wife and children with the Word.
A male man is called to cultivate the lives of his family members for the better.
the male is also the cultivator of his work, talents, and skills.

a) Provider: It is a man’s responsibility to make sure his family is well provided for.
This is more of a function of faith than work.
You must provide a vision of abundant supply for your family.
As a provider he anticipates needs before they arrive. He plans, prepares and makes
provision for these needs.
The purpose of work must be understood. Work is designed to release your potential and
not to feed. As a man your job is to keep your family in the Garden of Eden where there is
abundant supply.
He must ensure there is always seed in the ground to maintain a consistent flow of harvest.
A man has failed if his family is not provided for. Gen 2:8,9,15; Matt 7:9-11; 1 Timothy 5:8

b) Protection:
A real man functions as a priest over his family.
His faith is engaged at all time to make sure his family is always protected.
A man is called to protect his wife & family. ‘The head of the woman is man’ – 1 Cor 11:3
God has endowed men with the ability, strength and spiritual weaponry to protect and guard everything he has entrusted to their care. Gen 3:2-6


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