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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
February 1st, 2009
Categorized under: Purpose

The Dynamics of Destiny

Destiny is a course or path in life that is mapped out based on God’s original purpose for the individual.
The fact that God predestined you does not make your life a product of “fate” rather you need to cultivate a life of faith to arrive at your given destination. Predestination does not make you lose control but it should make you responsible enough to make the right choices in life. Romans 8:29,30.

10 Dynamics of your God given Destiny

1. You are called and gifted for a unique assignment. Romans 11:29
2. You have a bright and glorious future. Jeremiah 29:11
3. Situations and circumstances cannot rewrite you’re the script of your life. Romans 8:28
4. Your desire, passion and the problem that get your attention are clues to your purpose. Exodus 2:11,12;
5. They are phases to your destiny. One step at a time. Never say never. Isaiah 28:10
6. Your understanding of your God given purpose ultimately leads you to practical goals. Purpose generates Vision which causes you to set Goals that gives direction to your energy. Your strategies in life are motivated by these practical goals. Nehemiah 2:5-7
7. Your God given purpose always point to the kingdom of God. Without the kingdom mindset purpose ends up as abuse. Your assignment in life must add to God and His kingdom. Matt 6:33, Acts 8:1-3
8. Commitment to your purpose creates long life and makes life meaningful. Life without purpose is a waste. Time is only an interruption of eternity given to achieve a purpose. You don’t need much time if your life does not align to the plan of the creator. Eccl 3:1
9. Your association will keep you focused on your God given destiny or distract you from it. Daniel 1:6; Daniel 3:12,16,17; Daniel 6:16,20.
10. Your fulfillment in life is a product of His will (pre-destination) and your choice. Deut 30:19, Acts 9:1-6


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