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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
July 5th, 2009
Categorized under: Wisdom

The Basics of Wisdom

Objective: To provide a comprehensive definition for Wisdom

Introduction: There are basically two kinds of Wisdom covered in the bible, the one that is a derivative of sense knowledge, this is known as sensual wisdom and the one that is imparted by the Spirit of God which is known as Divine Wisdom.

Our focus is divine wisdom which is without limitation as opposed to sensual wisdom that comes to nothing.

1. Wisdom is always connected to knowledge and understanding. Ex 31:3, Ex 35:31

*Wisdom Defined:
(a) The ability to discern or judge rightly
(b) The capacity to make due use of knowledge
(c) Accurate application of knowledge

Knowledge Defined:
(a) The sum or range of what has been learned, perceived or discovered
(b) The awareness of fact or condition
(c) Specific information on a thing

Understanding Defined:
(a) A thorough comprehension
(b) A depth of insight
(c) Skill in dealing with or handling a particular thing
*You must seek wisdom on purpose. It does not come by accident.
*You must invest in wisdom. Prov 23:23

2. Real wisdom is imparted by God. 1 Cor 1:30
*God is the author of wisdom. Prov 3:9
*Wisdom comes by meditating, confessing and practicing the Word. Joshua 1:8
*There is an anointing of Wisdom that distinguishes God’s children. Ex 31:6;Deut 34:9

3. Divine wisdom will elevate you in life above natural men
* Wisdom draws favor.
*Men of wisdom are preferred because of the value they add. Daniel 6:1-3

4. Wisdom attracts prosperity.
* Consciously prioritize wisdom over money. Prov 8:11
* Wisdom positions you for abundance and increase. 1 Kings 10:25-29

5. Wisdom is recognizable. 1 Kings 10:4
*Wisdom has great offspring. Matt 11:19
*The force of wisdom draws greatness to you. 1 Kings 10:1-3

6. Wisdom will place you in great demand. 1 Kings 10:23-24
*Wisdom seekers are naturally sought after. 1 Kings 10:24
* Wisdom makes you visible. 1 Kings 3:28

7. Wisdom is imparted by right association. Prov 13:20
*Effective mentoring positions you for great wisdom. Job 12:12
* Hanging around people wisdom improves your life. 1 Kings 10:8


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