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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
January 29th, 2010
Categorized under: Night of Glory, Sermons


Word of Prophecy
Sound the bell of revival. This is an unusual time. Men shall be raised from no where in this time and I will elevate my people. I will equip them by the Spirit. The days are here for greater manifestation, it is time for greater works!

I’m bringing a revival to the hearts of men! This is the time for men to wake up. There’s a stirring up in the Spirit, the waters have been stirred up. This is the time of the miraculous and the supernatural. WORSHIP JEHOVAH!

In this season, there is a test to pass! Will you pass the test of power? trust?

There is a manifestation that awaits the sons of God in this season! The latter shall be greater than the former.

“Attack the religion of the charismatic. I am not just interested in your new tongues! Begin to worship me when my Spirit comes upon you! YIELD TO MY SPIRIT” says the Spirit of God.

This world has not seen the best of preachers, for they come from this current generation. The utterance is clear to them and they receive revelation by my Spirit!

If you will let Me use you, I will take you to heights you never imagined. You shall be the Benny Hinn of your time. I will send you as a missionary to perform the miraculous! Live for Me and you will succeed, I have already chosen you!

If you let people talk you out of your destiny, they will destroy you!


I’m bringing my visitation back to you in this season, you shall receive divine revelation.

This is a season of unusual visitations and miracles invading your homes!

There will be an increase of your angels working on your behalf.

The level of your result has been raised!

Heaven is declared open upon you!

This is a season of unusual favor leading to unusual increase.

The seeds you sowed in 2005 will come into full harvest in this season!!!! [God has not forgotten your labor of love] The tiniest seed will return to you in full manifestation!

Opportunities are being presented to you that are coming from different nations!

The attraction upon you in this season will be greater than the times in the past! The anointing upon you will not allow you be turned away.

The ground has been tilted. Your time has come!!!!


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