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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
February 10th, 2010
Categorized under: Greater Works

Greater Works 1

Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Wednesday, February 10,2010

“In the midst of the turmoil in this world, if you will praise Me in spite of what they are saying, I will give you joy when they are scared, and peace when they are distraught. Now is the time to sit down and let me be God”.

“In this season, I need you to walk around not with a heavy spirit, but walk around with a joyful heart”.

Is it possible to experience greater works without knowing The Person behind the “greater works”?

You are in a season of manifestation and the Spirit of God in you wants to manufacture them, but without knowing Me, how can this be?

The Spirit of religion based on research is what hinders the truth from those willing to receive it.

To say that the miraculous is not real is to not know Him.

Until you know Him, accumulated degrees and acquired knowledge will still lead you to failure until you make Him real to you.
[Life without Him = MISERY]

You will miss out on God’s best when your desire is to see something that makes sense!

Life without God =

“I want to take you through a journey, I want to personally walk you through life, I want you to enjoy life!!!”

In this season, if you will trust me and walk with me, you will enjoy life! I will cause the value of material things in this season to decrease so that your attention will be focused on Me!

Success is not to be determined by money or material things.

Ref. Scriptures:
[John 14:12, 16][Acts 10:38]


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