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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
January 17th, 2010
Categorized under: Sermons

Fear not

-My present test will cause me to know that I am too good.
-Where you are cannot be compared to where you are going.


Religion- 2 Timothy 3:5

Before the end of this year, the power of God will be in manifested presence in the life of His people

There is a Goshen prepared for me. [Gen 47:27]

Fear not
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday January 17, 2010

Main Text: 1 Kings 17:12,13

In this season
1. Maintain your Joy.
2. Maintain the Spirit of Liberality.
3. Factor in the Power of the Kingdom.

Supporting Scriptures:
Deut 8:18, Pro 10:22

Dress yourself for the season that you desire

The bin of flour that brings your supply in your house shall not be used up nor shall the jar of oil run dry.

Objective: To establish God’s pattern of provision and prosperity for covenant people in times of famine

Ref. Scriptures:
Gen 12:10, Gen 26:1, Gen 43:1, Gen 47:27

Foundation: It is not enough to have a covenant to be preserved you must know how to walk the covenant effectively.

Practical Covenant Steps

1.Develop faith in the covenant

-Think (Factor) the covenant

-Talk the covenant

-Walk the covenant
[Deut 8:18, Psalm 115:9-14]

2. Stay connected to the voice of senior covenant partner. Psalm 23:1, Ps 95:7, John 10:27, Is 30:21

3. Maintain the flow of your seed in the midst of famine. 1 Kings 17:9, Ps 126:6

4. Locate, connect, honor and draw from your covering. Locate the anointing that has your supplies. Hosea 12:13, Psalm 133:1-3, Matt 9:36

5. Keep the kingdom as your priority. Defeat selfishness. Matt 13:44. Matt 6:33


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