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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
February 28th, 2010


(The attitude of the God-kind)
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday, February 28, 2010

There is so much to gain in 2010, do not miss out!

“For the remaining 10 months of the year, you need to walk with me in Rhema.”

“If you will go for it, I will make the month of March your month of breakthrough!”
[2 Sam 5:20]

My season of breakthrough has come!

There is a level of intensity that births the miraculous!

“In this month, doors will open for you!”

Things that have been shut will begin to open for you, the miraculous will take place in this season”.

“Opportunities that you did not think would come will happen for you in this season”.

God is saying, “there is so much activity going on in the realm of the Spirit…your deliveries are here!”

Objective:Â To make a plea (request, petition, supplication, argument or defense)Â for excellence

Excellence is a major component of the dominion mandate that God gave man in Genesis 1:26

When you step down from excellence to mediocrity, you cause your generation pain.

To serve your generation effectively, excellence must be in place.

There is no way you can walk in excellence when you avoid detail.

Excellence defined:

Quality or state of being outstanding and superior

To function at the highest level possible

To go over and beyond the norm

To possess the highest quality possible

To operate with the highest or finest standard

Words that describe excellence best:

Brilliance – Exceptional skill, ability or talent

Distinction – Difference or distinguishing feature

Quality – Finest standard

Superiority – A higher or dominant display

Majesty – An expression of royalty, splendor and dignity

Application of excellence in our life will achieve 3 major benefits:

*Attracts (Draws) – cause the attraction of your world

*Motivates (Stirs) – brings out the best in you

*Elevates (Promotes) – raises the standard

Excellence Nuggets

Constantly put your life in drive. Being neutral is the greatest enemy of your advancement.

Don’t be afraid of doing something new. The heavenly Father is a God of new beginnings.

Get aggressive the right way. Live on the offensive.
[What you cannot see, you cannot reproduce]

Deal with fear and step out in faith. Our enemies are often imaginary; they exist only in our minds.

Endeavor to take steps forward in spite of barriers. Your inability to do this is a major hindrance to your progress.

Anytime you move from bondage to The Promised Land, you will have to encounter barriers. You must still move forward!

Go for your dream! You have what it takes.


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