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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
March 18th, 2010
Categorized under: The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life – March 17

The Blessed Life
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Wed, March 17, 2010



Objective: To get you to the point in life where the blessing is manifested in every area of your life.

When the blessing is manifested in your life, things begin to work.

Pain, sorrow, and toiling show up when the blessing is not present!

A blessed life is a life that experiences growth and increase consistently. It is a life that cannot be contained!

The blessing gives you an ever increasing capacity!!!!

I increase by default!

Ref. Scriptures:
Pro 10:22, Gen 26:1-3, 12, Jer 17:6-8

In the midst of famine, revelation puts you in a new class.

There is a land that God makes for you even in the midst of a famine.

If God is with you, it is impossible for you not to be blessed. [Gen 26:3]

God has declared a hundredfold blessing over your life! [Gen 26:12]

Every force from hell confronting your harvest that is stopping your progression, by the anointing of Christ upon His children, has been rebuked tonight! Your harvest has come!

has come…….

This is your season of unusual court cases!

This is your season of claiming damages!

In this season, you will plunder Egypt!

In this season of rain, you will have enough water to swim!!!!!!!

In this season of rain, you will receive unusual gifts that will cause people to ponder.


March 14th, 2010
Categorized under: The Blessed Life

The Blessed Life

Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday, March 14, 2010

Main Text:
Psalm 1:1-2

God’s Word is loaded, but it has to be planted.

God’s Word is the foundation of the blessed life and the process of meditation is what begins to plant the seed.

Ref. Scriptures:
1 Peter 1:23, Joshua 1:8, Mark 4

If you do not want to settle with luck, get the Word on the inside of you!

By the blessing, everything around you that matters will begin to partner with you.

People who carry the blessing are RECORD-BREAKERS!

God is saying, “it’s time to own your dream again”.

I’m a record-breaker… don’t BUT my dreams!!!

March 3rd, 2010
Categorized under: The Blessed Life

The Holy Spirit: The Blessing in Manifestation

The Holy Spirit:
The Blessing in Manifestation
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Wed, March 3, 2010

“In this season, I’m stirring up the hearts of men and I’m drawing their attention to Me. There is so much for them and I want to prepare them for whats ahead of them.”

“For in the midst of the tribulation ahead of them, My glory will be prominent in your life!”

God has come to prepare you for your next level!

God is saying “It wont take Me anyting to take you from this level to the next level but I need you to be sensitive to My Spirit”.

Man becomes a failure without the Holy Spirit because it is He who brings about the fullness of the blessing.

Man was designed to function naturally and supernaturally in the atmosphere of the blessing.

Man was designed to live continuously in His presence.

He is the blesser!

The blessing was designed to be part of man’s natural life.

Without the atmosphere of the blessing, man is compromised!

Human life was designed to be naturally, supernatural.

Life – Holy Spirit = VANITY

When The Holy Spirit is taken out of the equation, death is introduced.

The more you know His Person, the more you walk in His power!

Intimacy with His Person leads to pregnancy.

Don’t connect by sentiment, connect by covenant!


To be in the spirit is to consistently create an atmosphere for the Spirit to find expression!


Your system was wired to believe, so anything you constantly hear is what you will begin to believe!

The God of Breakthrough is here! Every dryness, resemblance of lack, manifestation of a generationcal curse and stillness in your life is uprooted NOW!

Your level has changed FOREVER!

In the next few days, there will be a physical manifestation of the shift in your life!

February 28th, 2010


(The attitude of the God-kind)
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday, February 28, 2010

There is so much to gain in 2010, do not miss out!

“For the remaining 10 months of the year, you need to walk with me in Rhema.”

“If you will go for it, I will make the month of March your month of breakthrough!”
[2 Sam 5:20]

My season of breakthrough has come!

There is a level of intensity that births the miraculous!

“In this month, doors will open for you!”

Things that have been shut will begin to open for you, the miraculous will take place in this season”.

“Opportunities that you did not think would come will happen for you in this season”.

God is saying, “there is so much activity going on in the realm of the Spirit…your deliveries are here!”

Objective:Â To make a plea (request, petition, supplication, argument or defense)Â for excellence

Excellence is a major component of the dominion mandate that God gave man in Genesis 1:26

When you step down from excellence to mediocrity, you cause your generation pain.

To serve your generation effectively, excellence must be in place.

There is no way you can walk in excellence when you avoid detail.

Excellence defined:

Quality or state of being outstanding and superior

To function at the highest level possible

To go over and beyond the norm

To possess the highest quality possible

To operate with the highest or finest standard

Words that describe excellence best:

Brilliance – Exceptional skill, ability or talent

Distinction – Difference or distinguishing feature

Quality – Finest standard

Superiority – A higher or dominant display

Majesty – An expression of royalty, splendor and dignity

Application of excellence in our life will achieve 3 major benefits:

*Attracts (Draws) – cause the attraction of your world

*Motivates (Stirs) – brings out the best in you

*Elevates (Promotes) – raises the standard

Excellence Nuggets

Constantly put your life in drive. Being neutral is the greatest enemy of your advancement.

Don’t be afraid of doing something new. The heavenly Father is a God of new beginnings.

Get aggressive the right way. Live on the offensive.
[What you cannot see, you cannot reproduce]

Deal with fear and step out in faith. Our enemies are often imaginary; they exist only in our minds.

Endeavor to take steps forward in spite of barriers. Your inability to do this is a major hindrance to your progress.

Anytime you move from bondage to The Promised Land, you will have to encounter barriers. You must still move forward!

Go for your dream! You have what it takes.

February 26th, 2010
Categorized under: Night of Glory

Night of Glory – Feb 26, 2010

Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Friday, February 26, 2010


“The anointing of speed is upon you, everything around you shall prosper”.

“The favor of the Lord is and shall continuously be upon you in this season”.

“We’re living in a season where God will bring harvest to you from the most unlikely places”.

“In this season, what men are struggling to get will be delivered to you without you having to toil”.

“Every gift that has been dormant in your life for so long will begin to wake up….STARTING TONIGHT!”.

“When you let your gifts find expression, you will begin to love life”.

“Tonight is the night to discover the company that will help you facilitate and locate your destination”.

Every obstacle, hindrance, reflecting spirit of demonic activity….everything set out against you, by the reason of the anointing, I command it to give way, be crushed and be dematerialized!

Every mountain in the way of your career, marriage, finances, etc….has been removed in the name of Jesus!

Every situation in your life is commanded to bow, NOW!!

I announce your breakthrough from the North, South, East, West….from all directions!

Every door is opened, every chain has been loosed in the name of Jesus.

The time for expression in the Spirit has come, release yourself in the Spirit of Joy and liberality!

Everything that the devil has taken from you, shall be added back to you with interest and fees!


JEHOVAH……My collector, My striker, my defender….. MY EVERYTHING!

“Go plunder the Egyptians!”
[Exodus 3:22]

You are called to serve a generation and until you begin to walk in your purpose, you are living an ordinary life.
[Acts 13:36]

Your Assignment:
1. Discover the will of God
2. Walk in His purpose
3. Walk in His counsel….
(live an extraordinary life.)

There is an anointing that accompanies you when you walk in the purpose of God’s will.


Ref. Scriptures:
John 4:34, 2 Timothy 4:7

When you stand in the place of your assignment, you will sit with kings!


Ref. Scriptures:
Phil 1:21, 2 Cor 7:1, 2 Timothy 2:3

Jesus is saying “The harvest is great, but I’m short on laborers”.
[The time for a revival has come]

How would the story be told if You were without God?

February 17th, 2010
Categorized under: Pastor May Ijisesan

The Miraculous is REAL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Objective: To stir you up where the miraculous is concerned.

Miracle: Divine occurences in the natural realm that cannot be explained.

Ref. Scriptures:
Deuteronomy 6:22, 2 Chronicles 20:1-3; 22-23, Acts 10:38, Isaiah 8:18, 2 Kings 7

Signs and Wonders:

1). Story of Elisha

2). Story of Elijah

3). Ministry of Jesus

4). Acts 1 – Jesus was supernaturally taken up

Acts 2 – Holy Ghost filled the disciples

Acts 3 – A man crippled from birth supernaturally healed

Acts 4 – A building physically shook by the power of God

….the entire book of Acts

-God doesnt want to solve the same problem twice. The miraculous is one of His modes of operation. God likes to “wow” us!

Miracles mark the hearts of people because it is something they cannot explain.

It is God’s desire for us to walk in the miraculous!

The miraculous always involves God for God desires to get involved in the affairs of man.

The same source of the miracle is the same source of the prophecy!

(4) Characters to notice in 2 Kings 7:

1. The prophet- set in place for your destiny to decare the Word of the Lord.
[Ref. Amos 3:7]

2. The doubter- the one who never believes always resorting to human reasoning.

3. The Catalysts (4 lepers)
[Ref. 2 Kings 7:3,4]

To experience miracles on a consistent basis, you have to confront your worst fears on a daily basis.

4. The king- the one that received the Word.
[Ref. 2 Kings 7:18]

February 10th, 2010
Categorized under: Greater Works

Greater Works 1

Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Wednesday, February 10,2010

“In the midst of the turmoil in this world, if you will praise Me in spite of what they are saying, I will give you joy when they are scared, and peace when they are distraught. Now is the time to sit down and let me be God”.

“In this season, I need you to walk around not with a heavy spirit, but walk around with a joyful heart”.

Is it possible to experience greater works without knowing The Person behind the “greater works”?

You are in a season of manifestation and the Spirit of God in you wants to manufacture them, but without knowing Me, how can this be?

The Spirit of religion based on research is what hinders the truth from those willing to receive it.

To say that the miraculous is not real is to not know Him.

Until you know Him, accumulated degrees and acquired knowledge will still lead you to failure until you make Him real to you.
[Life without Him = MISERY]

You will miss out on God’s best when your desire is to see something that makes sense!

Life without God =

“I want to take you through a journey, I want to personally walk you through life, I want you to enjoy life!!!”

In this season, if you will trust me and walk with me, you will enjoy life! I will cause the value of material things in this season to decrease so that your attention will be focused on Me!

Success is not to be determined by money or material things.

Ref. Scriptures:
[John 14:12, 16][Acts 10:38]

January 29th, 2010
Categorized under: Night of Glory, Sermons


Word of Prophecy
Sound the bell of revival. This is an unusual time. Men shall be raised from no where in this time and I will elevate my people. I will equip them by the Spirit. The days are here for greater manifestation, it is time for greater works!

I’m bringing a revival to the hearts of men! This is the time for men to wake up. There’s a stirring up in the Spirit, the waters have been stirred up. This is the time of the miraculous and the supernatural. WORSHIP JEHOVAH!

In this season, there is a test to pass! Will you pass the test of power? trust?

There is a manifestation that awaits the sons of God in this season! The latter shall be greater than the former.

“Attack the religion of the charismatic. I am not just interested in your new tongues! Begin to worship me when my Spirit comes upon you! YIELD TO MY SPIRIT” says the Spirit of God.

This world has not seen the best of preachers, for they come from this current generation. The utterance is clear to them and they receive revelation by my Spirit!

If you will let Me use you, I will take you to heights you never imagined. You shall be the Benny Hinn of your time. I will send you as a missionary to perform the miraculous! Live for Me and you will succeed, I have already chosen you!

If you let people talk you out of your destiny, they will destroy you!


I’m bringing my visitation back to you in this season, you shall receive divine revelation.

This is a season of unusual visitations and miracles invading your homes!

There will be an increase of your angels working on your behalf.

The level of your result has been raised!

Heaven is declared open upon you!

This is a season of unusual favor leading to unusual increase.

The seeds you sowed in 2005 will come into full harvest in this season!!!! [God has not forgotten your labor of love] The tiniest seed will return to you in full manifestation!

Opportunities are being presented to you that are coming from different nations!

The attraction upon you in this season will be greater than the times in the past! The anointing upon you will not allow you be turned away.

The ground has been tilted. Your time has come!!!!

January 24th, 2010
Categorized under: Greater Works, Sermons

Greater Works

Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday January 24, 2010

Word of Prophecy
Sound the bell of revival. This is an unusual time. Men shall be raised from no where in this time and I will elevate my people. I will equip them by the Spirit. The days are here for greater manifestation, it is time for greater works!

Main Text: Ephesians 5:14

Ref Scriptures:
Proverbs 6:9, Mark 9:29, Luke 4:14

Greater Works
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Wed January 27, 2010

Ref Scriptures:
Hosea 12:13, John 5:19-20, John 6:63

Declaration: This is the hour for the miraculous! A miracle is invading your house.

The ability to see into the realm of the Spirit is what brings the miraculous into manifestation [John 5:20]

It is unnatural for a Christian to be stuck in crisis!

The time has come to live according to His Word, rather than by trial and error of the carnal world.

To live in the flesh is carnally-minded, the result = death

You have just entered into a new season of breakthrough!


In this season, real,vital, relavant mail will invade your household!

Gen 8:22- 2x sown seed! [Principle of seed time and harvest].
When you hold onto a seed, it will deteriate, but when you sow into a good ground, it will increase.

Declaration: In this season, your ears are open and you shall hear from God clearly all the days of this new year!

January 17th, 2010
Categorized under: Sermons

Fear not

-My present test will cause me to know that I am too good.
-Where you are cannot be compared to where you are going.


Religion- 2 Timothy 3:5

Before the end of this year, the power of God will be in manifested presence in the life of His people

There is a Goshen prepared for me. [Gen 47:27]

Fear not
Pastor Kayode Ijisesan
Sunday January 17, 2010

Main Text: 1 Kings 17:12,13

In this season
1. Maintain your Joy.
2. Maintain the Spirit of Liberality.
3. Factor in the Power of the Kingdom.

Supporting Scriptures:
Deut 8:18, Pro 10:22

Dress yourself for the season that you desire

The bin of flour that brings your supply in your house shall not be used up nor shall the jar of oil run dry.

Objective: To establish God’s pattern of provision and prosperity for covenant people in times of famine

Ref. Scriptures:
Gen 12:10, Gen 26:1, Gen 43:1, Gen 47:27

Foundation: It is not enough to have a covenant to be preserved you must know how to walk the covenant effectively.

Practical Covenant Steps

1.Develop faith in the covenant

-Think (Factor) the covenant

-Talk the covenant

-Walk the covenant
[Deut 8:18, Psalm 115:9-14]

2. Stay connected to the voice of senior covenant partner. Psalm 23:1, Ps 95:7, John 10:27, Is 30:21

3. Maintain the flow of your seed in the midst of famine. 1 Kings 17:9, Ps 126:6

4. Locate, connect, honor and draw from your covering. Locate the anointing that has your supplies. Hosea 12:13, Psalm 133:1-3, Matt 9:36

5. Keep the kingdom as your priority. Defeat selfishness. Matt 13:44. Matt 6:33

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