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Pastors Kay & May Ijisesan
February 29th, 2012
Categorized under: Excellence

All Things Are Possible

(Mark 9:23 NKJV)“Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’”


Are you a believer in Christ Jesus? If your response is yes, then all things are possible to you. You have what it takes to move mountains and produce extraordinary results.

God gave you a mountain-moving faith when you received Jesus Christ into your heart. You were given the ability to believe the promises of God and see them come to pass.

Your faith is the same as God’s. You have the God-kind of faith. The same faith that God used in creating the world in the beginning is in you.

The days of ‘I can’t’ are over in your life. It is time to dare God. If you can dare to believe, His promises will surely be made manifest in your life.

As a son of God on earth, you can produce the kind of results Jesus produced, because you have His kind of faith. Factor in the anointing of God that will produce your excellence. Don’t focus on the problem; see the solution. All things are possible.


I have the spirit of excellence. I am inspired by God for excellence in all my ways. I am blessed by God to excel above every limitation in this life. The empowerment to succeed, excel and prosper works in my life at all times.

I am in the image and likeness of an excellent God. I have what it takes to excel in life. I am committed to developing a strong image of excellence through the process of meditation.

I am resistant to mediocrity. I live a life that is above and beyond the average. My spirit is trained to resist mediocrity and my mind is conditioned for excellence.

I am in partnership with the Holy Spirit. I am strengthened by God to excel in life. There is a Spirit in me and the inspiration of the Almighty gives me understanding. I have the spirit of wisdom and revelation on me. I have the truth of God’s Word revealed to me, so that I can excel in life.

The blood of Jesus guarantees my excellence in life. In the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ my future is secure. Every obstacle and hindrance has been taken out of the way.

I have a divine purpose from God that brings me out of obscurity into prominence. I walk in my purpose in the spirit of excellence. I am anointed to excel at what God has called me to do in life.

This is an Extract from the Book ’31-Day Daily Devotional on ‘Excellence’ By Pastor Kayode Ijisesan- Head Pastor Kingsword International Church Chicago, Illinois. USA


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