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The Role Of The Church In Times Of A Crisis

The Role Of The Church In Times Of A Crisis – Poju Oyemade

There has to be a shift about our concept of being the light of God.

There will be gross darkness all over the earth but in my own house, there will be light.

God says there is gross darkness but you have not arisen to the light that is within. Our divinity will only come out when you begin to take up your light.

The power to be able to light the entire world comes from the believer. Need to understand that there’s a necessity to be financially empowered.

Once you get to the point that the more you have, the more you are able to empower people, then this is when this scripture; he gives bread to the sower, comes into play/effect.
This season marks emancipation and deliverance for God’s people. Keep the Passover; be free of malice, anger so that your confessions can be effective
Meditate and focus only on what you are meditating on.

Q. Intellectual development in the church being dangerous where the move of God is concerned. How do we ensure the supernatural is not contaminated?
A. Young ministers: You must understand that you can get results the wrong way. Ishmael was born of the flesh, Isaac was born of the Spirit. Same human beings, different orientation.
You will be judged by the message you pass across to your generation. If you pass across misunderstandings, you are responsible.
It is important to know that if you pass across the wrong concept to the generation coming after, you have a huge task to correct this.

  1. How to deal with the spirit of fear:
    A. Whatever is growing and developing in you, is what is being fed.
    Spirit of fear is being fed by information. Shut out such information, focus on and study the word.

    Make confessions about the blood and feed on the word. The same thing that was revealed to you, you are putting images of the promises of God into your consciousness and driving out negativity.
    Cut off the supply, once you do that, the attack is minimised and then you can feed.
    So long as Abraham was trying to get something for himself, he was struggling.
    Where there’s ministry, it’s effortless but when you are struggling, it’s about yourself.
    People who have prayed in that light will have the authentic information to bring out concepts, a message, ideas to solve issues.

    A Christian must never speak during this time, according to the situation in the society, the only thing the Holy Spirit can bring out for you is what you are positively confessing.
    Your confessing must state that Christ will be glorified.
    Orientation: the prosperity message is correct but when you make it self-centred, that is when we begin to be competitive.
    This is the season for believers to be stimulated to be solution providers in different industries.
    The solution to every chaotic situation, is light
    The whole of creation was made subject to profanity by reason of someone who subjected us to it. Satan’s agenda was to destroy through this virus.
    Yes, the whole of creation is groaning but we have the Holy Spirit and so He helps us to intercede. The intercession of the spirit begins from the church. The church is to begin the travail and the purpose of this is to bring forth light.
    The Holy Spirit wants to bring forth light and as we travail, the angel of the Lord begins to give people skills, give light to us as to how to do ministry effectively.
    The minister must make sure that the spiritual nature of Christianity is preserved.

    Q. What every young minister needs to set the proper foundation: how do people stay above getting confused, based on different patterns they are seeing around the world.?
    A. We are all guilty of some mistakes that we do not want to disclose because it was those things that were said over years that made people think that result is the name of the game. If you are doing things the right way, you will get results, but this is also the same for doing things the right way.

    You can go into mass deception and get results; this becomes detrimental to everyone. Something has to be corrected.  Be aware of your calling; aware of the effect of your actions.
    It has to do with personal integrity.

    Q. How do you maintain the connection that makes you effective in Ministry?
    A. The generation that will fulfill the purpose of God is that which allows synergy between their generation and the younger generation. To manage those relationships, you have to be mature.
    You need to be able to tap into their hearts.

    What God honours, is obedience; if you know the scriptures and know God, He doesn’t withhold his blessings.
    The highest expression of faith is that God asks you to do something to take you out of certainty to uncertainty.

  2. How does one manage offence in relating to the fathers?
    A. Everything starts with a move of the spirit and ends in strife, be ready to let go. Take it upon yourself that you will experience such. If the person is attacking another minister or preaching funny doctrines, then I would exercise caution.

    Q. What is the best way to deal with a call separate from what one is presently doing (case in point, where one is a minister in a locality and feels led to set up his/her own ministry?
    A. You can mistakenly put people in a position where they can overestimate their call and it would be detrimental to them.
    If it is a person genuinely called, the set-man over such a person would know who has an independent call different from his and it would be needful to prepare both the locality and the person in that wise.
    A church cannot be run like a campus fellowship.
    The system has to be constructed with wisdom such that it reduces any feeling of importance by anyone within.
    If a young minister wants to leave to start their own, they should leave the geographical area of their former ministry.
    The underlying thing for everything you do, is obedience.
    Young ministers, test your anointing and your call.

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