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The Art Of Disciple Making_Pastor Vincent Arifalo

The Art Of Disciple Making – Pastor Vincent Arifalo

Deep Waters with Dr. Kay:

The cheapest way to the supernatural is to pray in the Holy Ghost; there are depths in God.

Cross over into the deep ends, don’t stay in shallow end, there is depth that will lead you to the manifestation your prophecy.

You won’t have to do it alone for I will walk you through every cubic to that place where the river is formed, where it cannot be crossed; a place I have called you into, a place of satisfaction.

Declare: I will be satisfied. Lord I commit myself to what you redoing on earth, what you are doing in my generation.

There is a depth of God that you and I have been called into and when you do so, your questions will be answered. You are meant for the deep things of God.

Matthew 6: 33.

There is a seeking of the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness; that righteousness defines the kingdom. The seeking opens you to every resource of God.

  1. What marked Dr. Vincent’s journey in discipleship.?
  2. In another fellowship he attended, there was a message of fear and condemnation being passed across at the time, stating that they were un-righteous, this led to a quest for the real meaning of what it meant to be righteous; a quest for something new.

It is important at this point, for believers and the new creation to understand the basic doctrine of righteousness. (emphasis mine)

Dr. Kay on the Basic Doctrine of Righteousness:

Once a sinner comes into Christ, the job of the Holy Spirit is not to convict him of sin; but He convict of the knowledge of the righteousness of God.

Righteousness is not what you earn but what you receive. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you because it is a free gift and God is still in the business of specialising in giving free gifts.

Most believers don’t know what defines the new covenant; it is the righteousness of God. The kingdom of God is about and defined by His righteousness. That is the way of honouring Jesus.

Understand that it’s not about you. You don’t have to be in every message; it has to be about Jesus.

2nd Corinthians 3: 18. There is a changing that takes place by beholding him;stop seeing you, see Him.

  1. Dr. Vincent saw that there was a boldness to preach about righteousness.


  1. Immersed in the precepts of what righteousnes is.


  1. Imprint of scriptures such as 2nd corinthians 5: 21

“Him who knew no sin he made to be sin on our behalf; that we might become the righteousness of God in him.”

  1. One on one discipleship


  1. Holy Ghost services


  1. Quest for the realness of what faith was


  1. Listened in on teachings

It is not your position that determines who you are.

  1. Recognised the evident anointing on Dr. Kay which is lacking in our generation; people that are meant to be your pastors, you end being friends with them.

Recognise the person God has sent to you, it’s not about your position but desire to recognise placement.

Heard the word and once the recognition dawned on Him, he moved. Recognised the need to associate with the anointing on Dr. Kay.

Whosoever God has connected to you, see that person as Jesus himself, humble yourself.

People place themselves where God has not put them.

The challenge people have is that spiritual things have become circular, things are being mixed. If you want to fulfill destiny, you must recognise that God sends gifts to men, don’t look at the outer casing else you will miss it. What should be held as sacred and holy has been trivialized.

  1. There was a flow in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

Flowing in Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs is not so prevalent in this generation. There is a release of sound that will flow in this generation, it is one of the ways you stay in the deep end of the river. When you put natural things ahead of spiritual things, there is a problem.

Let the sounds of heaven be let lose from your spirit.

  1. Was taught on the high level of premium to be placed on sensitivity in the spirit; It is not for entertainment, we sing for inspiration.

The office of a praise and worship leader is very important.

  1. Was taught and learnt demonstration on how to flow in the spirit.

Instrumentalists and writers need to be anointed and should know to pray ahead of time.

Pastors and Ministers: Raise singers, train and teach them on how to flow in songs and psalms.

A singer must understand the culture of the house. It always a  created strong atmosphere.

  1. There was a strong emphasis on the word of God and sensitivity was taught;


  1. It was exciting going to church


  1. Prophecies were flowing,


  1. Inexplicable anointing flowing. Tangible and real anointing, something that was changing us.


  1. Spontaneous meetings,


  1. Accurate Word of Wisdom and  Knowledge.


  1. Young people flowing so accurately in the things of the spirit.

You can become so academic and professional and have some growth but the question is, are you raising an academic or spiritual people? Are the spiritual things just snacks?

  1. Learnt on renewal of the mind.

In discipleship, it is the way people are raised that they raise other people. The quality of your training determines the people you reproduce. The lack of spirituality of the church has created assignment for so many teachers in so many areas. e.g. teachers teaching on marriage; this is not bad but because people have not been raised to develop their spiritual cultures, they now need to know the ABC of who to marry. We don’t marry just to make babies but to fulfill God given purpose.

Walking in love, in the spirit, faith, righteousness must be understood to be able to engage in marriage.

There is a capacity in the new creation to know what is right.

21. _Follow your heart: “Your head is too big, reduce your head, follow your heart.” That was the intensity of discipleship we were exposed to

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