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The Art Of Disciple Making_Pastor Nuel Manufor

The Art Of Disciple Making – Pastor Nuel Manufor


The fullness of God’s intent is available for me this season.

I will not be left behind this season. 

I lay hold on everything God has for me. 

My capacity is developed to receive everything that God has for me. 

I receive what is mine, I’m positioned for my manifestation. 

I develop capacity to receive what God has for me, what is mine, I will not be denied. 

I’m positioned for all that God has for me and I believe and receive. 

Romans 5: 17.

“For if, by the trespass of the one, death reigned through the one; much more shall they that receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one, even Jesus Christ.”

There is a receiving of grace that covers all and the gift of righteousness leads to the dominion of man in life.

Your dominion is a function of the abundance of grace.

The receiving of the gift of righteousness is essential and crucial. You keep on and don’t get over receiving the gift of the Righteousness of God because once it is received, every other gift comes in.

Keep declaring: I receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. 

The Art of Disciple making; with Dr. Kay and Pastor Nuel Manufor 

One can never graduate from being discipled. You can only make disciples because you are being discipled.

Chronicles of Pastor Nuel’s discipleship under Dr. Kay 

First meeting in kw (then Victory Christian Fellowship) was choir rehearsals

Moved on to being Personal Assistant to Dr. Kay and then ordained as a Pastor.

  1. What impact did being discipled have on what you are doing in ministry?
  2. Discipleship is parenting; it covers everything.

I believe from experience and watching others in discipleship that when true discipleship happens, it transforms everything.

Watching someone actually model something around you is more than 3000 keys or steps to getting it right.

Discipleship is personal and cannot be institutional.

Watching and observing Dr. Kay live out Faith, attending KBI (KingsWord Bible Institute) helped.

I find my passion driven towards people actualizing, becoming, stepping into things. It was that calling that brought me to Dr. Kay.

My prism for looking at success of ministry is through the eye of training and development in ministry.

  1. Having being discipled and now in the centre of discipleship, mention 5 things that contribute to effective disciple making?
  2. Definition of discipleship:

Jesus said this is teaching them to observe all the things I have told you to do.

People need to be trained to operate in faith, to walk in love. When these two are in place, then this would make a functional believer.

  1. Why do we need to disciple?:

If we don’t have that as a quest, we won’t be focused on it. It is the church’s contribution to the world.

We owe the world to release trained believers in every sector and field. Our part is to make disciples who reflect the nature of Christ and attract the world to it.

  1. Identity the number of people you want to disciple:

Have a finite number; this was the pattern of Jesus. You need to have people you are enclosed with in a relationship; who cannot imagine getting into a relationship or doing anything else without such coming up in their talks and fellowship with you.

Jesus would teach the crowd and then take the disciples and press in more teachings on them. When you are being discipled by someone, you need to take in the words they say.

Separation is critical, be able to get their names and clearly identify them. Jesus did not mix the multitude with the disciples.

  1. Discipleship is generational:

The number of people in whose lives you can truly be involved, is limited. Disciple people who still carry your genes and disciple others.

  1. Discipleship is personal:

It is one on one. Jesus was involved in Peter’s life and knew him.

Jesus in Mary and Martha’s house, showed a level of familiarity and close personal relationship; it was obvious that they were connected, there was a relationship.

Senior Pastors cannot afford to distance themselves from their next line of leaders.

Give them the opportunity to see into your life.

You cannot raise them using only Sunday morning teachings.

Jesus’s disciples, lived with, walked around Jesus, saw him when he cursed the fig tree.

To achieve effective disciple making, you must be deliberate about opening up your life; you must let people into your space.

Matthew 28: 17. It is a major instruction Jesus has given us; to make disciples and to be given to hospitality.

Your disciples must experience you, see you react to situations and circumstances, know how to understand  manifestations; it is good for you as a leader. You also have to be a person of integrity.

Live in the public as you live in the private. Some are not confident of exposing their public life because they are not confident of the way they behave in their private life.

Every believer is called to be a spiritual family man and to have spiritual children; this is not peculiar to just pastors but is one instruction to the church.

What made me connect to Dr. Kay was not the knowledge of the word but his reaction and love he showed.

Locate the ones that make the connection. Stop making effort on people that who do not want to be discipled, people have to choose and want to be discipled.

First thing to train a disciple is to train them to know that the purpose of their lives is to be the light of God and keep them shining, then you will show them how to build their faith and grow.

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