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The Art Of Disciple Making_Pastor Dotun Arifalo

The Art Of Disciple Making – Pastor Dotun Arifalo

There is a revelation that is going to be behind your innovation, creativity.

In the midst of this times, a generation will be birthed by revelation.

There is going to be a release of capacity, innovation to collaborate. We are coming into a season of manifestation.

You will manifest in the capacity that God has for you. There is a release of the spirit of supplication.

Declare: I am positioned for my manifestation. 

Chronicles of Pastor Dotun’s walk through discipleship

When you give everything to God, He begins to orchestrate things.

Exposure to the walks and acts of believers in college

Experienced the supernatural

Experienced and grew in prayer works

Got into an environment that enabled and enhanced spiritual life.

Got into and experienced the anointing to set the course of her life.

Whatever God says and we are sure He is the one behind it, we should do it.

If you wait for your head to catch up, you will miss out on the best plans of God. As sure as it is God speaking, jump into it. Your head is not at the level of your spirit, that’s why we renew our mind.

Your spirit is capable of pulling ideas from heaven that your head is not aware of. That is why there must be a process of the renewal of your mind. Your mind has to be trained.

John 8:31; Being a disciple is a function of staying in the word so a true disciple can only be produced by the Spirit. Discipleship is not natural, not education. A major part of discipleship has to be supernaturally communicated/imparted.

  1. In the light of the above, what can you say of discipleship being a function of the impartation of the spirit? 
  2. 2nd Tim 2:2. Our jobs as believers, is to pass it on. Impartation takes place based on environment, reading materials, laying on of hands because it is a divine thing. If you are going to disciple people and pass on something to them, it is going to be based on environment. As adults, the most important things we have learnt has been unconsciously.

Major way to disciple people is through prayer.

Discipleship has to be intense, such as taking people through journeys they have never been before. Any training you take someone through that does not stretch them, will not impact them.

Take them through a rigorous stretching exercise until they break into another person.

A leader who disciples has to be full of the word of God else you can’t make impact. Discipleship is a function of impartation and precepts.

Have Holy Ghost Flows:

Allowing the Holy Spirit to do what He wants to do is also paramount.

As a leader, a lot of responsibility has been placed in your hands.

There is a culture of the spirit and a culture of the flesh.

You were saved by grace but after receiving this grace, your attitude to the things of God is a function of what you attend to. What you attend to determines whether you are spiritual or carnal.

Spirituality is the ability to understand the art of God and align your senses.

  1. How do you deal with the mindset of spirituality?

There is a culture of the Spirit that is missing. Stop staying away from the things of the Spirit; it is an insult to treat a new creation as though he/she does not have the capacity to take the supernatural. A new creation has capacity for the things of God, they have wings, are a generation of people that manifest the unthinkable.

It is time to go back to the things of the spirit. We do everything in the spirit, having earthly expression.

These are the days of ‘thus saith the Lord’, in offices, you will begin to pull files from the realm of the Spirit and be able to interprete it.

There is no separation of spirituality from the normal things we do.

Information has its own place but the supernatural is our foundation.

The manifestation and power of the Holy Ghost is what changes people. What is the point of having meetings where there is no impact of the spirit?; that is tantamount to meeting their heads but not touching their spirit. The days of the Spirit are here.

We are not natural beings having spiritual experiences but spiritual beings having natural experiences. We were created and structured for spiritual things. Habbakuk2:14;

Habakkuk 2:14

“For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea.”

The reality of this verse of Scripture only happen by the things of the spirit. The end time harvest God is talking about will happen by a raising of sons and daughters that have been cooked in the spirit; a very strong move of the Holy spirit.

God is positioning already because many are hungry and searching for the move of the Holy Ghost.

Pastors/leaders: must have more spirit than strategy meetings.

This would help you download Heaven strategies that would produce heavenly results. If you make it more about strategies, you will end up with products that are less of heaven’s agenda and more of earthly agenda.The result of a thing is in the product; The supernatural is not for the gifted few. We are called to manifest the supernatural, we can’t separate this from our everyday life.

Don’t protect your children from the supernatural. If your child can decode your mother tongue and is even old enough to read, then he/can speak in tongues.

If we shield people from the supernatural, we are shielding them from God.

We cant truly know who we are until we have been exposed to the things of the spirit. Until we begin to expose the supernatural on a consistent basis and harness the things of God, we can never truly harvest the supernatural.

The template of the training of churches should reflect more spiritual content than the natural.

The church of Jesus Christ is not an intellectual movement; Christ is our curriculum and it’s so rich that we do not need to borrow materials from the world to train believers.

There is no church without the atmosphere of the Spirit; we need to ask ourselves what the main reason for church is. The reason for church is spiritual growth. When it comes to church, nowhere else has been designated with the sole responsibility to carry the anointing that will remove yokes.

Don’t do church like there is no devil. When Jesus preached, he taught, cast out spirits too. The same way fishes love water, so do demons love dry places.

You have to create an atmosphere for people to have encounters. The atmosphere of the Holy Spirit is a gift. You can’t do the work of the ministry in the flesh. Without an atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, there is no church. The atmosphere births responsible children ready to take the baton and run their races. Don’t do teach and go; teaching is never complete until there is a move of the Holy Spirit.

There must be a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to make a mark.

Discipleship means leading people to encounters of the Holy Spirit that they can never depart from or forget.

Without a manifestation of the supernatural,we will always raise people that are dry places.By being in an atmosphere of the supernatural, we can ‘catch’ some things much more than when those things are taught.

  1. People don’t know how to get into the Holy Ghost Flow and this is because it was not part of the training. 

Pastors/leaders are unable to so train because they were not also trained that way. We need to help especially for people who don’t have that wiring, what can we do?

  1. There must be a clear intention. The supernatural must reflect in every material used. It is not about bringing experts to introduce or ‘do’ the supernatural but that every minister must have a measure of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost in his ministry.

Create a culture of allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. God will not tell you everything about the future and is committed to telling and giving you enough light for what you need to walk in now. God chooses what he reveals. At every point in time, He will give you enough light to walk by faith for the now and as you walk effectively in the light He has given you, you will be fine.

There is a place for the prophet but He is your leader and only confirms what the Spirit has revealed to you. He only speaks to agree with our spirits.

The just shall live by faith and not by prophets or prophecy. Faith comes by hearing which is the spoken word, so God will reveal the spoken word to you and it will be the light to your path. God will show us what we need: enough light just for us to get moving until we get to our destination.

People that have not invested in the spiritual will have a lot of investment in the natural to compensate for their lack of spirituality.

There are so many resources that are hidden in the spirit man; God ordained man to live from the spirit man. Our calling is in the spirit.

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