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The Art Of Disciple Making_Pastor Bukonla Manufor

The Art Of Disciple Making – Pastor Bukonla Manufor

Genesis 26: this verse talks about famine in the land. Tells us that what is happening now is now new and just as there was a way out then, there is a way out now. Portals are supernaturally opened this season.

In seasons like this, you need an encounter and a word from the Lord. You will harness and download the word of the Lord for you this season.

Declare:  I am receiving my word this season.

Genesis 26:12-

Then Isaac sowed because the word had come unto him and he reaped a hundredfold. As you receive the word, you will prosper and succeed and the famine will not control your harvest. The word of the Lord coming to you will make you fruitful.

Genesis 26: 20.

Isaac began to dig…there are things stirring up in you, go and re-dig those wells because they are your inheritance. Every well connected to your destiny, will be re-dug. Dig again, inspite of the failures of your past. God is bringing you into a place of breakthrough where you can not be contained. You will be fruitful and bring forth on a whole new level.

Summary and effect of Pastor Bukky’s walk through discipleship 

Effective discipleship results in positive results.

Exposure and experience of the Supernatural which resonated in her spirit.

First hand experience of the word of God; exposure to the Word of God being lived in different aspects of life. Declarations being made alive.

Willingness to learn on her part and a willingness of the leaders to teach

Visible and positive changes in her life

Clear Difference and changes in her life, evident in the eyes of her family.

That which we heard and our hands have handled; she heard, saw and her life changed.

Saw and experienced no tolerance for unbelief.

Exposure to being sold out for God, the kingdom of God.

Saw and experienced  life exposure to the things of the Spirit.

A leader desiring to have disciples must have the hunger to learn, to be a better version of themselves.

A leader, in order to disciple, must have people willing and able to trust him/her; that they know you are interested in grooming them to know and be what God has called them to be.

A leader must be able to see beyond the weaknesses of disciples, must be able to see where they are to where they ought to be. When Saul was persecuting the church, Jesus saw beyond what he was at that point to what he was supposed to be; an apostle to the nations.

A leader should learn to listen. When we are raising people, they should have the ability to trust you and pour out their hearts to you.

Discipling people is a process.

By the anointing that has raised Pastor Bukky, the treasure in you will be pulled out.

Major part to raising people: being sensitive to the Holy Ghost and laying on of hands.

There is a laying on of hands that releases one to expression; It has helped form destinies. There is a ministry of the spirit that cannot be replaced by systems, structures and strategies; don’t despise it. New expressions are coming.

There are some things that can’t be caught except through the move of the Spirit. We need a manifestation of the Spirit for specific situations needing instant actions; for example for people whose lives are hanging by a thread, there has to be manifestation of the spirit.


There are so many things to God than what your mind has experienced and as you learn to let Him carry you, you will experience depths beyond your natural understanding that you can’t help but receive.

 Every good and perfect gift comes from Him because He loves to give, so be ready to receive, position yourself for I will unveil you.

As you learn to walk with me, you will see my mighty hands in manifestation, I will cause you to expand in the different aspects of your life beyond what human minds can explain.*

In your days, just like the Spirit caught up phillip and he was transported by the Spirit, so are you coming into an era of manifestation; strange manifestations happening because there is a depth of the spirit you are coming into.

You will not encounter this unless you learn to walk in the Spirit from the shallow end to the deep river. Expressions and manifestations of the Holy ghosts that can only be revealed by the Father. I will cause you to walk in high places in the corporate world.

There are things that are taught and there are things that can only be caught. We cannot do mental; cannot be a people given to mind more than spirit. We have been called to manifestation not explanation. There is no science to the things of God.

Most people go fishing everywhere and end up embracing a bunch of things as their calling. There are a bunch of things you can build without sanction of God.

The proof of God is the presence of God and transformation thereof.

There are deep ends of the river and this season is giving us the opportunity to get into the deep end. A lot are disconnected from heaven’s agenda…building towers and walking with goals God has not sanctioned. God is raising an army whose single motive is to do His Will.

When was the last time you stayed in the place of prayer where your ideas are concerned? We will not settle for mind, mental, cerebral, intellectual Christianity. Christianity that does not rest on the power of God but on the wisdom of men.

Some need to go back to what God told them 25 years ago because some have been running a program that heaven did not sanction.

We are a people of the spirit and not of the mind; man is a spirit, lives in a body and has a soul. The mind has its place but it is not what we put forward, we put the spirit forward.

We are not ruled by our spirits; we live from inside out…looking inward to know and hear what God is saying.

We were taught to live from the depth of the spirit,  that was part of our heritage. You can’t go in depth when you are moving with people who are not hungry for God. You have to be in like company…we live in a generation where people are asking; does it feel right? Instead, it should be, what do you sense in the spirit.

These days, the reason why most need teaching for everything in our generation is because of shallowness. There are things that you will know from your Spirit. If people are at the deep end, they will know these things by the Spirit.

We need to pray more; stop the head knowledge; it is not what your head is thinking but what is coming from your spirit. Why should you be thinking through when you can know by the Spirit.

Call on me and I will answer and I will show you great and remarkable things; if I can position myself knowing that He will answer me, He will show me great things because I’ve allowed myself to get into those depths with Him.

Get your mind quiet, know what God is saying. There is a mind of God about every situation. Learn to be real with God. Your lack of spirituality has created employment for a lot of people who have taken their roles as counsellors, therapists and are being paid.

There is something tailored for you which you can pull out…There are files in heaven but because people are lazy  in the place of prayer, they have not been able to download those files which are simply there waiting.

We were born of the spirit to be spiritual. Carnal and mind operations of the church is not what God wants.

What is the content of the Holy Spirit in your services? People are not prepared for life because they are not properly incubated in the things of the spirit, they have not prepared to face what is in the day and so people are looking for other ways.

We have the advantage. In the place of the spirit, we can get financial advice; we mostly think that the things we receive in the spirit are just spiritual but he has blessed us with all things that pertain to life and godliness.

You must choose to stay in the place of prayer, away from the plenty noise around you. This is a generation where we are listening to what everyone is saying but we need to know what God is saying. We should not be content with the shallow part but press in because at the end of the day, it will be about what He sent you to do and not what people told you to do; this is what you will be judged on.

Trace your steps back to know what God is saying and not what people are saying.

Don’t be moved by what people are saying but what God is saying.

Pastors and Minsters need to understand these three things:

  1. Programs have derailed us from the things of God, programs are not equal to purpose.


  1. We have gotten so much into learning method that we have forgotten  the spirit, become method conscious more than spirit conscious.


  1. There is a difference between purpose focused and  result oriented. Some results have created a mess; some results don’t always point to God. There is a way results can derail you from God’s plan, you miss out on the processes of God just because you want to get results.

However, there are some results that for you to authenticate them you have to come back in years time to see the impact on generations.

Some conferences have been organised by people who have obtained results got from templates that God gave them for themselves. Such conferences show templates to get results and sell quickly because of an effective marketing strategy which everyone quickly buys into forgetting that the reason why those templates worked for that person was because it was a revelation that God gave the convener for himself as his own blue print, not necessarily the world.

Going to conferences should be about us asking God to speak to us.

Everyone in the scripture received a blue print specific for their assignment.

What Noah was asked to do was different from what David was to do, so was it with Peter and Paul.

A lot have abandoned their assignments following templates that God has not sanctioned. We each have different assignments, and in terms of manifestation, there will be different patterns for different people. Some will have quick results whilst some will go through a process for their results to come through.

Don’t get under pressure because of someone else’s result.

His assignment is not your assignment.

They that compare themselves amongst themselves are not wise. Go to the depth of the river, download your blue print or if you already have it, go back to it.

We can’t raise shallow people, we need deep people.

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