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Evolve Masterclass Instalive Session With Jimi Tewe

Evolve Masterclass with Jimi Tewe

Positioning for Post COVID-19 – An Instalive Session with Jimi Tewe

Discovering yourself in the light of what you want to do is a function of your relationship with God, a combination of spiritual and mental education.1st Corinthians 12: 1.

Q. How can we help people navigate through the times and seasons especially regarding career and the work place?: Daniel 2:21.

The season has changed and there is an emergence of new markets.

God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. Isaiah 33:6.

Every season requires its own knowledge and wisdom. The key is to understand the wisdom for this season. In addition to this wisdom, there is knowledge that can be acquired. That there is Covid-19 does not mean that God went on vacation; He is still on the throne.

Seek His wisdom as to what do, follow the activities you know well to do, then get knowledge and take active steps.

Remember God loves you and has a plan for you. You need courage to see the new. Jeremiah 17:5. There is so much good coming but if your confidence is elsewhere, you won’t see it.

You must be innovative; it is an ability to tweak an existing system to get a desired result.

God is a spirit, the church operation is a spiritual entity. In as much as certain jobs are disappearing, new jobs are opening. There will be new tech, new ideas. Our prayer this season should be; *Lord help me to function with an excellent spirit to have the ability to interpret the seasons and to provide solutions* Daniel 5:12.

Q. Has it been easy to juggle between your role and a corporate coach

If you are called for it, you are graced for it. There will be graced enabled for it. It is about understanding the systems and people structure to put in place so that all can run effectively.

It is possible to wear multiple hats and be effective at them. You need to understand your call and what God has called you to do.

Q. What’s your take on how churches should handle gifted people that have demanding assignments in the corporate world.

If you don’t grow as a believer, you will have a crisis. So, for a busy business executive, you need to grow and be part of a church system. Your skills can be utilized in the helps ministry.

Churches should try to be understanding. Each sheep is unique and must be cared for. Serving God is a kingdom thing not necessarily a church thing. Churches need to find a way of how these individuals can contribute.

We need to migrate from the traditional mindset of forcing everyone to work for the church. There will be people that will have ambassadorial roles, they will come to feed in church but some of them, their involvement out in the secular world particularly the seven mountains and this prevents them from actively engaging in service in church.

There is a calling upon their life, see them as God-sent to you, to train them to fulfill their destiny.

The definition of our workforce has to change. The fact that a  person is not serving in departments in a church, does not make the person useless but there is also a balance. As a busy professional, you need to understand that you are a part of a body and need to contribute.

Q. Responsibilities of coaches to the local church.

People believe that the answers they are looking for is in a coach. As a coach, find a way for your gift to serve in your church. Coaches and pastors are different in assignments except if a coach is also called to be a pastor.

This is a season of collaboration whereby we must recognize gifts especially if they are gifts that have what we need.

There are several graces that God has put in the body of Christ. It is time to be mature and collaborate together.

Q. What do you mean by any coach that does not have a pastor is a dangerous coach?

There is a flow of grace that comes by being joined to a local Assembly People that grow beyond the church, fizzle out.

People whose growth increases their humility, are still very much relevant.

If you leave out foundational things, you will definitely get into trouble. They that have been planted in the house of God will flourish. We have to be deliberate in positioning ourselves.

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