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Evolve Masterclass Instalive Session With Fela Durotoye

Evolve Masterclass with Fela Durotoye

Positioning for Post COVID-19 – An Instalive Session with Fela Durotoye

Q. How should believers posture themselves in these times?

 A. We are the hand of God. The earth has been groaning because the sons of men have been oppressive but God has raised the sons of God and the earth has been waiting for them.

The signs to show that it is time is that the earth has been groaning.

We have to see with the mind of Christ and through the eyes of God. Isaiah 43:19. God is doing a new thing but He says behold it.

We must:

  • Behold differently: When God is going to answer your prayers, He comes in a new way and you have to think not like the Egyptians otherwise you will die like the Egyptians. Don’t see what is going on or what is obvious, but you must see differently.
  • Believe Differently: To believe that He is positioning you now. That all you’ve been praying for is here. Until you believe right you will not be able to behave right. Christians will need to behave counter-culture. Hold on regardless of what your eyes are seeing.
  • Behave differently: Do so differently from the rest of the world. This is our time for exploits. 2nd Corinthians 3:18. What you behold impacts how you believe. When you behold the word, God  will tell you what’s going on and then you’ll know what ought to be done. In behaving differently, well have to know that God’s going to download new things.

The way we do things will be different. We have to be able to see things differently, innovate, collaborate.

Q. How can we navigate our career through this challenging times?:

 A. Deal with this reality as a fact of life Things won’t go back to the way they were.

F.A.C.T :

Focus. Ability to narrow your attention to what it is that is your intention. Everything is going to come at you. A distraction is anything that attracts your attention from your intention. Once you understand what God is doing, your intention is to zoom in your attention to what He is saying.

“Focus creates blindness” – Mike Murdock.

You have to know what to be blind to. Don’t focus on the things you can’t control; it will bring anxiety to your heart. Ask yourself where the opportunities are.

Focus on your customers. Learn that cash flow is the lifeblood of business and so navigate your business wherever cash will flow.

Flexibility: Focus on the needs of your customers, start from the ones that already know you. Think like them, what are they worried about and how can you help them resolve their worries. Discover what they are buying and figure out how to sell it to them.

Adapt: Be willing to adapt: using what you have in a new way to create the same results.

Connect: Connect to the Customer: Change quickly. Nobody is waiting for you in this new normal.

Connect with the customer; not how much you know the customer but how well the customer knows you. Be proactive in going to the customer. Find ways to be the ones sending information to the customers to know what they want.

Trust: Build competencies. To be relevant to your organisation, you have to be part of the team and to be part of the team, you have to bring value.

Q. How do we effectively position ourselves and translate our light?

 A. God breathed into man for inspiration.

Your heart needs to be connected with God so you can download what He is saying

We, as light need to understand that we will be creating solutions. We must position to receive disrupting ideas. *Leverage on God for revelation and Google for information.* Be poised to receive from him and be poised to learn about it.

Take revelation and turn it into a solution. Your light is not shining until someone else can see.

Go into the place of prayer, download revelation, research the idea, package into a proposal that can be useful in impacting your economy, walk with your coach.

Q. How do you distinguish between kingdom partners and kingdom takers

Our primary goal was to come into the world to make the kingdom of this world the kingdom of our God.

Our purpose on earth is bigger than our needs and wants. As long as you are seeking survival, you are not seeking kingdom.

When we come to God we must come as kingdom minded people, who are Kings and priests who will stand before him and seek deep insights.

Effectiveness of the body of Christ is dependent on collaboration and recognize there are people in the pews that would be needed.

There must be an interpretation in the pews and the pews must also recognize the place of the pulpit. For the kingdom to be effective, there has to be intermingling by the body of Christ with the rest of the world.

We are all planted in our various assignments and must understand our strengths. Taking territories for Him, is our job.

A kingdom partner just wants to be there to partake without contributing. We forget that we are equipped with the mind of Christ, the spirit of revelation, excellence, sound mind, for your exceptional performance. The Holy Spirit came to our advantage. Stop behaving like an unbeliever.

Know who you are; a kingdom taker and it would be through solutions. Having built up yourself, you must go and build the world. It is not what you tell God that matters but what God tells you. God already knows the things you need. The solution lies in asking for direct and specific strategies.

Joseph got the wisdom to interpret pharaoh’s dream but that was not what elevated him, it was the solution. It was not just understanding what the situation was, but the revelation to applications to the solution. Until we are able to apply what has been activated in the hearts, that is where we will become the light of the world. The world came to Joseph; he was the light they came to; they had a practical problem, Joseph solved the problem.

You have to deliver more value than you can ever be paid for. In the time of recession, the question most organisations ask is what do we lose if we fire you? Organisations are looking at whether they can afford to keep or lose an employee.

The blessing of God on you must lead to attributable growth. Ask God how you can bring growth to your org, nation.

The depth of a man cannot be just his mental revelation but the depth of his koinonia in the spirit which leaves him with a supernatural mind.

There is a generation arising that will function in the nine gifts of the spirit outside the four walls of a church; they will be relevant everywhere. Numbers 14: 21. He is looking for those that will not hide Him but will take Him everywhere. God is getting our attention because He wants to be let out of the box so that the world can see Him. He is doing a new thing. We are His temple.

The gospel to the poor is; opportunity to get Wealth, to the sick; is health, to the blind; is sight. Any gospel not bringing solution is not relevant. We need to translate revelation to solution; we have confused religion to mean spirituality. We have the letters but not the spirit because the intent of the spirit only comes by koinonia, intercourse. He gives wisdom and words which have to be seasoned with salt. People that can go out and represent Him. We must become the desire of the world.

Genesis 2:15. Man was not placed in the garden for the sake of man but for the sake of the garden.

You are where you are for the sake of the organisation.

You started a business so that you can create a standard, define a new way by which quality can be defined.

You should be the benchmark in your industry.

You are there for the industry, organisation, nation.

The problem with Christians is that we are looking for God’s help whereas we were sent to the earth to provide solutions, to help the world.

Q. What critical skill-set are required for people especially this season

  • The ability to learn – In the time of a new world order, experience expires quickly
  • Must have analytical skills;
  • Breaking down complex ideas into simple solutions. You can’t wait for instructions, so you will need to learn how to take initiatives, research. Value is what matters not job. Whatever they told you to do cannot define what you need to do; have to go above and beyond.
  • Must engage and think the way your boss/client is thinking. Change the process.
  • You must know how to communicate innovative ideas.
  • Build a great relationship with the people you are working for and with.
  • Must have capacity to understand digital and social media skills. “Your phone is your shop; your data is the key”-Paul Foh

You have to be deliberate and intentional with every post. Every post must inform, excite and engage. Your DM is like your email, you must be checking it.

You need Leadership skills: Must be able to solve problems that you did not create. Leadership, as it is extended, will be rewarded with places of authority.

As you serve others, God makes happen for you what you made happen for others.

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