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Evolve Masterclass Instalive Session With DDK

Evolve Masterclass with Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Positioning for Post COVID-19 – An Instalive Session with Debola Deji-Kurunmi

There is a journey ahead of us which we must be prepared for. What God intends for us is to be impact full everywhere.

The activation from the pulpit must result into application from the pews.

Focus will be on how to achieve the collaboration between anointed men of God and anointed minds that have been called to translate revelation into usable tools.

God called this meeting and there are specific destinies, nations that He wants to reach and He has a word.

A word from God is what you need to execute your assignment

Our operational model is different, we run only at the sound of the spirit based on the sound He gives to us.

In as much as there is a mystery in speaking in tongues, there is a ministry of understanding that God is bringing to aid the decoding of what He is saying which is for you to birth by inspiration

Daniel 2:20 – 22. We are coming into a season where people will recognize that wisdom and might are His. Where the world will not have solutions, that the only place solution will be found is in the Kingdom.

What we are faced with will need more than an anointed man, it will require an anointed company; anointed people who will birth solutions in the place of prayer that will be produce tangibility which will be translated into the market place.

In the midst of all this chaos, there are secrets. It is going to take a generation that will decode.

Q. What is going on in these times?

  1. God has been in the business of shifting times and seasons. What has triggered the pandemic is not new to scripture; it didn’t start today.

On the journey from being anointed to being appointed to the throne, God shifted systems where David was concerned.

David was unqualified and went through a wilderness of getting prepared and in the fullness of time, he became King.

God has always been in the business of agitating existing systems.

Three critical highlights of what happens when God changes times and seasons;

  1. Preparation in wilderness.

When God is preparing a people who will advance His Kingdom agenda, preparations have been going on in the secret. Every believer laboring with the Father laying hold of the blue print but not seeing how the manifestations will be, the Lord says,  “The little preparations will be sufficient, there will be a thrusting of people who based on divine preparation, will be thrown on the scene.

  1. When God operates in Power.

Opening of pathways to people to operate in divine power. He is releasing an unprecedented anointing of his anointing and wisdom and He is saying it is time for us to see Him in wisdom.

  1. When God deposes/dethrones Kings and throne Kings.

If a kingdom and its kingship does not align itself to His purpose, they will be dethroned and new kings will be raised. The new kings will be relatively younger, inexperienced but will be of tremendous influence.

The capacity to partake is dependent on your positioning; there must be decisions you have to make;in the line of, ‘who are the people in your company’, ‘who is your pastor’.

There is a covering that shifts destiny from danger. When God has placed you in an apostolic circle and He is covering you, then you are safe.

A race and a baton is being passed from one to the other; we are in a bend and the baton is being passed to a generation that will run into eternity.

It is time to ask yourself the question; Do you know your spiritual tribe?

Context of Covering:

It is not that your spiritual leader has spiritual infrastructure to cover you; God is our supreme covering but if you are out of where God has placed you, you become a victim of things that are not supposed to happen to you.

Isaiah 51; God sets the system of families. God is Father over all. The concept of spiritual covering is scriptural; (an uncovered life is a compromised life). It is so that we can be nurtured and raised.

Formation is for the generation that is rising, they will stay in their columns, each having a line of order. It is time to find your tribe so that as the father is passing on revelation instruction to the family, you will be properly positioned.

As long as Adam and Eve were bound by the instructions from God, they were covered. Be

careful, covenant is a two way partnerships. You have terms and obligations to fulfill. Those who have been raised over us provide guidance. Our allegiance is to Jesus overall.

Q. What is the purpose of the church based on Micah 4: 1, Isaiah 2: 2 – 4?

A Minister of the gospel must recognize the other mountains/spheres of influence.

The Lord is awakening His church; His purpose, agenda and desire is going to be exalted as the highest desire above any other. In different sectors of society, God is raising a new generation and it is for us to ask how we need to be realigned and positioned for it.

The church is the equipping ground for kingdom. Kingdom is bigger than church. We have to take what we learn and move into the realms of influence. We must ask what the kingdom template is, for going into the different sectors. We must ask for industry specific influence.

The Father has such a great expectation of us. He is not going to impact on our economy if we stay in the corners of the church. When He begins to put blue prints in us, we must ask how we can translate this into different sectors.

Some of the Mountains of influence :

Mountain of Religion: not just about church or Islamic agenda but about mindset

Family: Where those who have been sent to create a change for God to drive family values Business: Transference of value

Education, Entertainment, Fashion, Sports, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

We need to know which of the mountains we’ve been sent and it is on this that we can pick and download the blue prints.

A model to study in Scripture is Joseph. The anointing and gift of divine interpretation on Joseph, made Him give blue prints for his time.

Q. Recommendations for believers to prepare for this season

 A. Ramping up spiritual intelligence

There are still some believers who still don’t know how the Lord speaks to them. Only those positioned to hear as sons and soldiers will be able to step into kingdom opportunities. It is time to hear clearly and discern how he speaks, time to know the portals open to you, as you listen, documents his thoughts that are coming into your spirit.

Make time for the study of the word in understanding.

Pray extensively because you are putting infrastructure into your emergent future

Collaborations and finding your tribe.

The kingdom agenda is not about you but about the Father and his work and the caliber of what He wants for this generation cannot be accomplished by one person.

For any kingdom agenda he has put in your hands, you need co-laborers, different kinds of kingdom minded believers.

Evidence based Execution:

Research and study, pursue wisdom and power. As you hear, you will deepen through research and then you begin to do. You need to open up your mind to new thoughts and insights.

Revelation comes first, then the information you get must align to the revelation. Your spirit is what defines you as a Christian and that is what you need to build on.

Q. How do spirit filled coaches and mentors collaborate with pastors this season, without conflict?

Most pastors don’t recognize the role of coaches. The job of the shepherd,beyond instructing, is to provide a covering. As important as a coach is, your coach might not be able to provide certain things your pastor does. Each should recognize the strengths of the other.

There is a raising of pastors and ministry gifts who will be secured. It will be the job of the Pastor that when they recognize these gifts, they should not fit them into church runs. Their job description is beyond the four walls of the church. He has a plan and agenda and needs us to have a wider perspective of what He is doing on earth.

This is what we need to take heed of:

1. Standing in your place and being excellent at it.

It is first about God releasing human capacity builders. Coaches don’t join the monetization craze. Be excellent as a pastor in the study of the word and to lead God’s people. Coaches, use global best practices.

2. Creating new meeting grounds; Opportunities for pastors, mentors, coaches to come together and have conversations will emerge a new generation. Pastors should recognize the gift of God in the coaches, the coaches recognize that the pastors are there to cover.

Final words:

Recognize that it is for you and not against you. It’s the Lord alerting His people this hour. We must not lose the revelation of the Father’s love and how it will impact your generation. You will see the God of the scripture becoming the God of the nations.

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