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Evolve Masterclass Instalive Session With Dami Oluwatoyinbo

Evolve Masterclass with Dami Oluwatoyinbo

Positioning for Post COVID-19 – An Instalive Session with Dami Oluwatoyinbo

Who is Damilola Oluwatoyinbo?

Summary of what transformed and marked his walk with God.

The understanding that He is a reflection of God’s idea; evolving divine project. We live in an era where people are quick to label themselves.

First mentorship in Ministry was from parents who raised us with the word; and raised us to teach the word.

Organic exposure to the word.

Early consecration of life from early years in high school: such as praying for a spouse and children

Choice of friends were people that resonated with what he was about or respected his views of life.

Preparedness for pulpit begins from preparedness on the inside Consecration led to revelations about his ministry

Commitment to financial pledges in fellowship even whilst at college. Consecration led to death to self, preferences, to the familiar and being exposed.

Dying to the familiar, sometimes is not wrong, it is just not right for the next phase.

Commitment to service in fellowship irrespective of the Department in church and type of responsibility involved

You must die to who you knew so you can become who you were supposed to be. Consecration and commitment brings elevation:

Revelation where consecration is concerned is low, there is something about coming into a place of consecration where its no longer about you. God’s purpose for your life is greater than your career.

Q. How have you been able to adapt in this season to maintain relevance in both ministry and the corporate world?

God is involved with every detail of our lives, once we align, we will be fine. I still prioritize ministry over the corporate world.

Ministry will change in Nigeria in 2020. The church is the only organisation that Jesus said he would build.

Personalize ministry, review the word; make it interaction .

We live in a season where we should leave the generic and move to the specific. We have to be specific to be terrific. Never preach yourself into irrelevance, never preach so much to everybody that you cannot transform anybody.

Q. How do you switch from the corporate to ministry?

We function from the place of the Spirit but we are not mind people, not analytical primarily. What we do where intellectual is concerned, is a function of the spirit.

We must be people who speak the language of heaven with the accent of the earth. When going to the corporate world, understand that wisdom, intelligence and capacity come from God but you must distill the intelligence of God through a mode that they understand.

The church is the body of Christ; the only type of food we can thrive on is Christ.

“Motivation” is junk to the body of Christ; without Christ, it will develop the very thing that Christ sought to kill; Self.

Motivation fills the soul but revelation feeds the spirit.

Motivation can be a secondary supplement to a recreated spirit that has been fed the life of Christ.

Believers who are at the shallow end will not be able to survive this season. We can’t do ministry like there is no devil. We cannot walk away from the spiritual foundation we have; our

foundation is Jesus, we are defined by Jesus, we will never look to the world to borrow materials to teach the Saints.

The bible says these signs shall follow them that believe: they will teach, demonstrate the gifts of the spirit and make it practicable.

The outbreak of the supernatural is that the people being raised, organically walk in the supernatural.

Motivation urges and inspires but the word is superior to motivation in every sense of the word.

The supernatural can unlock doors for you that even the most articulate of teachings cannot break through.

Soulish messages will produce soulish people.

Spirit messages will produce spirit filled people.If a believer is not sharp enough, he will take what is soulish and call it spirit. There’s a thin line between souls and spirit realm and if you are not sharp or sensitive enough, you will not know it.

The same word that created stars can make us stars in the galaxies of our lives.

This season is a season of reset.We are not an intellectual generation but a spirit filled generation. Preach the word in and out of season.

We are on earth but are dwelling in heavenly places.

Until we go back to our foundation in Him, we can’t exalt Him.

In Him all things consist, He is the first born. Jesus is the entire curriculum for us. Whenever the enemy cannot stop anything, he will dilute or pollute it.

Mark 16:15. Many of us, the only one out of the 5 things a believer is expected to walk in from this verse, is speaking in tongues.

We need to take on serpentine issues not necessarily physical. The diet for the church is the word of God.

Q. Roles of spirit filled consultants

Rise of innovators: Joseph and Esther inspired.

Everything that will last long in time has to be rooted in the Spirit. First of all be a person who Consults the spirit of God.

When you stand up to speak for Him, don’t stand as an orator but as an Oracle. The spirit of consulting must first of all be subject to the spirit of God.

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